Axe Bat Long Trainer (37″/37 oz.) Training Bat/Program by Driveline Baseball

Axe Bat Long Trainer (37

  • Long training bat for developing barrel awareness and targeting swing flaws; weight and length of bat helps you get a better feel for how your body and barrel move together during the swing.
  • Provides immediate feedback for how to move more efficiently, and forces you to generate bat speed from The ground up, using the bigger muscles in your legs and hips.
  • Comes with 24 weeks of guided training programs (12 weeks in-season, 12 weeks out-of-season/ beginner and advanced) from driveline Baseball.
  • Nine different illustrated drills with detailed descriptions explaining how to perform each routine correctly. Recommended for BBCOR, high school, and college hitters.
  • Patented Axe handle provides a more stable grip, so you can swing faster with more control. 120-Day limited .

Unlock the full potential of your swing by switching to Axe Bat. Unlike a traditional round knob, our patented Axe handle is designed to support your most powerful, consistent, and efficient path through the hitting zone. The angled, oval shape of the axes handle fits naturally in your bottom hand, providing a more stable grip so you can swing faster with more control and hit the ball harder, more often. Axe bat’s performance advantage also extends to the barrel. Round-knob bat manufacturers must design Their barrels to withstand an impact coming from any direction. Axe bats, however, are always hit with the same barrel alignment, so they can be engineered like high-performance golf clubs, with a designated hitting face and a backside built for reinforcement and support. This also explains why Axe bats are the industry only bats with angled end caps; by removing unnecessary weight and material from the backside, we can create a more balanced, faster-swinging bat with a larger barrel. Axe bats are approved at all levels of Baseball and softball, including in college Baseball where teams swinging Axe bats exclusively have won three National Titles since 2012, and in the big leagues, where the axes handle is used exclusively by 2018 MVP Mookie Betts and two-time All-Star George Springer, among others.

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List Price: $ 199.99

Price: $ 199.99

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