Champion Sports Plastic Baseball,Pack of 12

Champion Sports Plastic Baseball,Pack of 12

  • Plastic baseball
  • 9″ Diameter
  • Sold by the dozen
  • Color: White

Improve Your Pitching
Made from lightweight plastic with a hollow core, the Champion Sports Plastic Practice Baseballs are a great option for players looking to improve their pitching technique. The lightweight design lets pitchers practice the intricacies of their throws, making it easier to develop good pitching habits on curveballs and sliders. As their skill develops with these lightweight practice balls, their pitching skills can be translated to standard baseballs in competitive situations.

Swing for the Fences
Like players developing their pitching skills, these plastic practice baseballs are an effective way for players to practice hitting curveballs and sliders. These baseballs fly at a slower speed, making it easier for players to react to the throw and adjust their swing accordingly. Not only will this help players develop good batting habits, but it also allows batters to recognize and understand the intricacies of pitching techniques – a must-have habit for players looking to play competitive baseball.

Designed for Ultimate Durability
Designed for versatility and strength, these plastic baseballs are sure to withstand the hardest swings from batters. The holes in the ball absorb the force of hard swings when batters aim for a home run, keeping the balls in great shape throughout practices and training sessions. As well, the plastic design is easy to clean, ensuring these baseballs will hold up to all weather conditions in an outdoor environment, including dirt, mud, and rain.

Great for Indoor or Outdoor Use
Because of their lightweight, plastic design, these practice baseballs are great for playing catch or practicing your batter’s swing indoors. The plastic is safe for all ages to play with, and the lightweight design will not damage walls or floors, making it easy for anyone to improve their baseball skills all year round. They can also be used for a game of wiffle ball or pickle ball.

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