Champion Sports Weighted Baseball Set: Official Size Colorful Baseballs for Kids, Boys & Girls – Youth League Training & Pitching Equipment – 9 Balls

Champion Sports Weighted Baseball Set: Official Size Colorful Baseballs for Kids, Boys & Girls - Youth League Training & Pitching Equipment - 9 Balls

  • WEIGHTED: Ideal for young players learning how to pitch, the Champion Sports Weighted Baseball Set allows each pitcher the ability to gradually increase arm strength through a four to 12 ounce range
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Choose from nine 9 inch baseballs with a multi colored assortment of bright and bold gear so that players can easily identify which weight they’re practicing with as they train
  • TRAINING: Include this valuable baseball set in your youth league team’s equipment so that they’re practicing with official size balls and building the necessary skills to pitch and throw out runners
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: Measuring nine inches in circumference, each player can sharpen skills with official size baseballs so that they’re prepared pitch after pitch, strike after strike, game after game
  • NYLON CARRY BAG: Each set comes with a durable nylon carry bag that keeps everything organized for easy transport to and from the ballpark; perfect for youth league baseball and recreational leagues

Add the Weighted Baseball Set from Champion Sports to any youth baseball field. The set features a range of baseball weighted from four to 12 ounces, a system that allows each player to gradually build up pitching and throwing strength. The result is greater power, accuracy, and fielding ability that everyone on the team can grow into. Pitchers will refine their wind-up, control, and delivery for even more strikeouts.

No confusion on which weighted baseball you’re using. Select each ball based on its own unique color so you’re properly acclimating to your new pitching and throwing capabilities. From lightest to heaviest, choose from bronze, white, light blue, red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and black. Each ball is crafted for long-lasting performance so your team is getting maximum value.

No need to practice with one type of equipment and play official games with another. All youth baseball players can benefit from using this set that prepares them to play their best under the bright lights of the big game. Bring it to all levels of competition, from youth league to championship tournaments, to prepare for prime performance.

Train and practice with the same size baseballs used in all official baseball games. Each ball measures a full 9 inches around, replicating the exact feel used in competition everywhere. Enjoy the results of all that hard work without having to re-learn on smaller or larger equipment.

Carry this baseball set to every baseball diamond around with its own nylon bag. Suitable for players at virtually every level of youth competition, stock sets for all baseball leagues, rec leagues, gym classes, baseball complexes, baseball training centers, camps, and more.

-Champion Sports Weighted Baseball Set
-4 to 12 Ounce Range
-9 Colors
-Official Size – 9 Inches
-Nylon Carry Bag Included

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