KingSports 2.8” Weighted Training Baseballs – Weighted Training Equipment for Baseball – 16oz (6 pack)

KingSports 2.8” Weighted Training Baseballs - Weighted Training Equipment for Baseball - 16oz (6 pack)

  • FOR ALL AGES AND LEVELS – Just about any athlete, regardless of age, can add these hitting training balls to their training regimen. Whether you plan to use them for baseball hitting training, pitching, or batting, these training balls can help you improve your throw. Perfect to help you warm-up before a game or practice, or to slowly build up arm strength.
  • DEVELOP STRENGTH & SPEED – Whether you’re a player, coach, or a parent working on your child’s batting technique, having high-quality training equipment for baseball training is important. Made from high-quality materials, daily use of these baseball batting training balls during practice sessions will make hitting, throwing, and pitching the real thing so much easier!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Unlike other training balls for hitting, pitching, and batting, these baseball training balls are crafted from premium quality materials that won’t easily crack or shatter even after repeated impact. Each baseball training ball is built to withstand thousands and thousands of hits, making sure that each pack of six will last through seasons of training.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE – Because of their weight, these balls don’t travel nearly as fast as a normal baseball. This will allow you and your team to practice throwing and batting these balls without worrying about hurting anyone. Say goodbye to all of those wiffle balls. It’s time to get serious with these weighted training balls.
  • IDEAL WARM UP TOOL – These weighted small baseball training balls will give you all of the skills that you need before stepping up the plate. These are perfect for warm-up tosses before games to help build your batter’s confidence. You can also use these balls to build up arm strength by playing catch.

Become a Next level Pitcher

Out of many baseball hitting training aids currently on the market, weighted balls are arguably the most effective. For hitters who have trouble finishing each swing, a weighted throwing training ball can be perfect to help teach the importance of having a good extension and follow-through for maximum impact. Meanwhile, pitchers who have poor throwing mechanics will not be able to throw a weighted skills training ball properly, forcing them to fix their form and learn how to throw the right way. With just six weeks of continuous use of weighted training baseball balls, pitchers with poor form should improve and see a difference.

Improved Overall Performance

Improved arm strength and arm speed are the most commonly associated benefits of using weighted baseball training balls. However, there are other benefits of using weighted practice balls. Continued use of weighted baseball balls will allow your body to adapt and be more efficient, lowering your risk for injury, and at the same time, improving your performance. When paired with the right drills, the benefits of the constant use of a weighted pitch training ball when training is magnified even further!

So, what are you waiting for? Order a pack of these training balls and complete your baseball equipment for training and improving your batting and hitting in no time.

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Price: $ 29.99

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