Markwort Throw-Rite Pitcher?s Training Device

Markwort Throw-Rite Pitcher?s Training Device

  • Can be used for over-hand and side-arm delivery.
  • Used from youth leagues to pro players.
  • Great for any player at any level: beginners that are starting out and learning the basics of throwing motion, and advanced players that are trying to perfect their skills until they become routine.
  • When you throw and the ball hits you in the hand, it means that you are not using the proper arm arch and that your entire body is not being used properly.
  • Drill sheet included.

Learn the proper form and basic bio-mechanics of baseball pitching and throwing. Throw-Rite is designed to show “fluid arm motion” and to give players instant feedback on the correct throwing motion. The two leather cover regulation baseballs are connected by a 2″ nylon rope. When the arm moves properly through the arc of the delivery, the top ball travels without touching the thrower. When the player starts to “short arm” the ball, the top ball will flop over to hit the back of the hand. Instant feedback!

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